Online Product Branding

BullShark Marketing stands for excellence in strategy, design and online product branding. The team BullShark believe that if we bring in creative thinking processes & pursue original & organic thinking process, ordinary people can do extra-ordinary things. All our attitude is in our work & not necessarily in our personalities. We use semiotics to both, decode markets & consumers and encode brands through design. BullShark builds online product brands that is rooted in culture.

While we theorize linguistically, consumers make decisions visually. At BullShark, we bridge the gap between solid marketing thinking & market research and analysis to create design solutions that resonate deeply within consumers’ hearts – to drive behavior change, brand preferences & ultimately market shares.

We are in the midst of permanent and profound changes in the cultural and consumer landscakeyword-research-2-xxl-150x150pe of the world, remodeling consumer attitudes & expectations. Technology is driving society at a pace unparalleled in history, creating new ways of thinking, interrelationships and global awareness. Today’s consumers are blasé, questioning, promiscuous, seeking the new – constantly. The fleeting attention spans are a way of life, and brands that banked on loyalty are finding it hard to predict next years sales figures. At the same time, in an increasingly bewildering world, there is comfort and stability in the established. This seeming contradiction requires a fine understanding of juxtaposing the old with the new to create blow out opportunities for brands.

If you do things the same way, you will get the same results. Creative thinking can help find lasting and hi-impact solutions to marketing issues. With extensive creative stimulus and the use of diverse and tested lateral thinking techniques, we provide out of the box solutions that WORK. We are not ‘attached’ to our design but are focused on the impact on the market and the consumer.